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  • 1 hour
  • 80 US dollars
  • In person @ the Lime & Lotus (Suite F)

Service Description

WHAT TO EXPECT: 1-) Consultation First we’ll discuss any intentions you may have for your appointment. These may be mental, physical, or spiritual in nature. There may be a life situation you’re struggling with, or perhaps you just want to shake up your self-care routine and discover what psychic reiki can do for you. Everything is welcome! 2-) Reiki Next you’ll receive a full reiki treatment which includes a ‘tune-up’ of your chakra system and much more! You’ll remain fully clothed and get cozy under the fresh, warm blankets on my massage table. A sanitary weighted eye pillow will be placed over your eyes (with your permission), while soft meditation music plays to help you tune out distractions & tune in to a more relaxed, open state of mind. During the reiki treatment, I’ll lightly place my hands on certain areas where I’m focusing energy. (If you prefer not to be touched at all during your in-person reiki treatment, that’s no problem! I can be just as effective while keeping my hands several inches above the body.) 3-)Brief Closing of the Session After your session, if time permits, you’ll have the chance to ask any questions you may have for me about your treatment. I may also have some comments to share with you; if you’re open to receiving them. Everything during this session will be done with care & sincerity and only with the highest intentions of supporting your greatest good.

Contact Details

  • 925 Wappoo Road, Charleston, SC, USA

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