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Reiki translates to 'life-force energy'.

It's a form of alternative healing that originated in Japan. Reiki uses the channeling and movement of energy to help one feel balanced and well in any and all aspects of life. It can also help open your mind and heart to new solutions, paths, and possibilities. It can be a means to relax & unwind, a gentle approach to healing trauma, or an energizing and motivating experience when you wish to refocus and realign with your purpose. Reiki supports you in whatever way is best at that very moment and only holds the highest intentions of good for you and for everyone. Many would describe the feeling and effects of recieving reiki as similar to being deep in meditation.


The psychic reiki service I offer is a combination of a traditional reiki treatment, intuitive/mediumistic (psychic) reading, and a soul reading. 

 As a reiki practitioner and a psychic medium; while I am sending you reiki, I  establish a psychic connection to you that can access truth, wisdom, & information straight from your higher-self [soul] and your energetic [chakra] system.  

While I maintain that psychic connection to you throughout the reiki treatment, my abilities as a medium allows me to also be aware of and communicate with your guides and loved ones in spirit (Your 'spirit team'!) if they chose to join us to assist with your healing session.

 In this truly unique and in-depth combination healing session, you will receive all the benefits of a traditional reiki treatment, a psychic reading, and healing messages of transcending love from your spirit team. 

 All this is done with the intention to serve your highest good  and will often provide deeper insight into current life situations that you're facing, validation of your own intuitive thoughts/ feelings/ decisions, and [or] the inspiration you've been searching for.  It's a more personal and in depth experience for those who are ready for the adventure of self discovery through psychic reiki! 

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Reiki practitioner


Reiki in Charleston, SC



I had the good fortune of meeting Nina and had an awe inspiring session with her - wow!! She is so professional and a tremendously talented lightworker. Her reiki psychic skills are impressive and her healing is done so humbly - her work definitely comes from the heart and her messages are so spot on. I feel blessed to have met her!

-Linda V. from Charleston, SC


Nina's Sessions are so clear and accurate. She has a beautiful ability to understand the messages coming through and each experience has been such a positive one. She is able to go into a great deal of detail and I have felt a new level of understanding each time I have had a Session with her. She shines light on so much and truly brings through exactly where you are right now, as well as where you are being guided. Nina is a very talented psychic medium and energy worker. I look forward to my next Session with her!

-Lauren L. from Charleston, SC


Nina is incredible! I went into a session with some personal trauma and she walked me through the energy she was reading. Everything was on point! Not only was it a revelation that day but in the time since I've experienced such positive effects from being aware of the feelings of energy. I plan on seeing her again and will always value what she does.

-Alex from Charleston, SC


I am so glad my inner being was guided into finding Nina to help me with my search of finding myself again. I had been lost for a good while and getting the help that I did from Nina has put me to the path of finding my inner light and opening my third eye. If you are on this site and possibly reading this review, you are in the right place at the right time. Do not hesitate and find yourself again, Nina is insightful and a professional that does not overcharge! Get the guidance you need and may we all be Happy, Healthy and Wealthy!

-Sharie from Charleston, SC


I had an excellent experience with Nina! She immediately made me feel comfortable and walked me through every step of the experience, patiently answering all of my questions. Her space welcoming and comforting. I left our session feeling refreshed and recentered. I highly recommend Nina!

-Monique P. from Summerville, SC


Nina has performed reiki on me, my corgi, and my cat, and all of us have benefitted tremendously! I could feel a shift in my energy immediately, and she was able to help me access a deeper level of rest. My dog, who has been suffering from anemia, has regained her appetite and her energy since her sessions. Most notably, my cat who the vet said would not last the night, has made a complete recovery! We're so grateful for Nina's energy work and I can't recommend her highly enough.

- Joy U. from Massachusetts

Nina has a beautiful gift. 💫 My session with her was personal, accurate, insightful and immensely meaningful. Thank you, Nina!

-Heather from Charleston


Nina is absolutely amazing! She was able to help me connect the dots on so many aspects of myself spiritually. She holds space so well and in such a nonjudgmental way.
I was indifferent to remote sessions utilizing Reiki as a method to help process some emotions, Nina definitely helped me to realize when working with the right conduit remote sessions can be just as impactful as in person.
Thanks again Nina!! 

-Tanya R. 


Nina is an incredible healer and person. After our in-person Reiki session, I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my chest. Her insights provided the clarity I was seeking, and being in her space made me feel safe and cared for. I'm planning to return and wholeheartedly recommend her services.

-Quin from Charleston


My experience with Nina was very refreshing. Not knowing what to expect I left with a better understanding of how to prioritize my body’s needs and wants to align with a positive trajectory for the new year. I feel like it’s very clear, specific things that I need to do to gain more positivity going forward. I left feeling empowered and looking forward to additional visits.

-Maureen from Charleston, SC


I had such a lovely session with Nina. I was going through a tumultuous time in my life and was very lucky to have an appointment to see her. I was able to access the level of peace I needed during the session, and that coupled with the messages she was able to share with me after, gave me a new perspective and the ability to move forward with clarity.

-Abigail M. from Atlanta, GA


Nina is one of the best healers I've had the opportunity to work with! Her sessions are thorough and detailed while still being accessible and easy to understand. I've had reiki from her both virtually and in person, and her in-person office space in West Ashley is so soothing and serene. If you're looking for an intuitive medium and reiki practitioner who has incredible skills and an amazing connection to spirit, book an appointment for reiki reading with Nina!

- Darcy M. from Charleston, SC 


Nina is so skilled. I felt so safe and surrounded in love light the whole session. The information that came through was invaluable and is guiding me tremendously. Thank you thank you!

Liz M. from Charleston, SC


Nina was very attuned and has a beautiful space. Her energy is delicate but powerful!

-Rachel S. from North Charleston, SC


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